Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Thick fog to start the day, then rain, then just bloody cold.

For some time there has been a man in Hastings, aged about 40 - who went everywhere wearing a bright orange boiler suit and a dinner jacket / bow tie / top hat combo. After a flirtation with fake fur when he substituted the boiler suit for a bear outfit - he's now evolved to a full Vegas style Elvis jump suit with sequins and Marlborough man cowboy shirt and hat. He looks OK. Quite normal for this town.

Had a better than expected conversation with a client earlier, then sent them an invoice. Spent most of the day working for free.

One of my best clients has lost their place on a design roster that brings on a big chunk of their income because - according to the procurement rules - they don't charge enough. So, after keeping the costs down and giving their client - who they have worked for for many years and really helped their business, including winning many awards - they have been dumped for being too cheap. This is how things are now.

The list of Tesco stores that are to be closed does not include anything local - which surprises me.

Everyone I know is trying to do their tax returns. For what it's worth, I did mine in April. That's probably the only thing I've done right this year.

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