Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tuesday, Midnight

Watching a film as the wind batters the house and water splashes on the floor next to the patio doors. I guess we're not in Kansas any more. It's going to carry on like this all night - and at some point, somehow - both dogs are going to need to go to the toilet. Sometimes........

Tomorrow's going to be rubbish too, I have no real need to go into work - I can manage from here - I think that's what I'm going to do.

Next week I'm going to be in London for a day, this includes having lunch 'up' The Shard ( I bet we don't get a window seat, and there is a dress code) and catching up with a couple of clients and friends. The absolute highlight will be a browse in the new Foyles.

I've a meeting on Friday to talk through a funding proposal and I'm hoping that another project can be wrapped up before next week - I think it's just going to be a clean up and basic artwork job. The route they are going for is, as usual, not the route I want them to chose - but that's life.

I ran out of tea bags earlier. I remembered that they were on sale in the COOP and went out specially. They were reduced from £6 to £3. When I got home I realised why - the big box actually contained a small box of tea bags, and a small, stuffed monkey doll.... wearing a white bath robe. I was livid. The dogs are going to turn it into shreds at some point.

See the eyes??? A ruthless killer.

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