Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday, part 2.

The rain continued until about noon and started to ease off a little - so I took advantage of the break to walk the dogs. They weren't that keen - we were only out for about 20 mins. When we got back I was presented with the sight of water dripping through the dining room light fitting and a huge damp patch on the ceiling. It seems that the toilet was leaking - I think it's the rubber seal that connects the porcelain with the soil pipe. It was the final straw - I did what any sensible person would do and cleaned up - did a quick fix, and went to bed for the afternoon. I haven't been sleeping too well anyway.

Small dog has now managed to piss in the house 3 times today - despite regular trips outside. One of these days I'm just going to snap and put my head through a brick wall.

Today has been a write off. I'll deal with the bathroom on Saturday - it's going to mean stripping everything out and will take a whole day. I might take advantage of it all and try and improve the way the pipes are laid.

Intrigued by the news that Tesco will be closing 43 unprofitable stores - there are two small Tesco stores in Hastings - one near me that only opened last year, that cannot possibly be profitable. It's a company I've done a lot of work with and they are incredibly badly managed, there is so much wastage of time, money and talent in that organisation - and all they create is cold, unfriendly stores that nobody wants to shop in.

This is the new IKEA advert - there is a short section that was  filmed in Hastings just before Xmas. I spoke to someone in 'the media' earlier and he told me that there were 3 different film crews in hastings yesterday. It's all the incomers from London, 'discovering' us.

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