Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saturday Lunchtime

Heavy frost overnight - now rain. Very cold (perhaps you should read these little weather notes in the style of Charlotte Green reading the shipping forecast)

A piece of work from last year will finally be signed off on Monday and then I can hand over the whole job, pleased to see the back of it - big 'launch' on the 27th. I'll be bored of it by then.

Two of my friends were unexpectedly very nice to me last week - not what I'm used to, didn't even have to prompt them. Several, I'm afraid to say were not.

The house is really cold today -and refuses to accept any attempts at warming yup. I'll just have to keep myself occupied. Not great when you have a lot of wet washing hanging about. Wondering if I should bring the tumble dryer downstairs and use it in the front room as a heater.

I'm typing with my hood up, and may have to put gloves on.

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