Monday, 12 January 2015


Am in that nasty 'coughing, spluttering, headache ' stage so I'm working at home, in bed, which isn't a great experience. It's cold, wet and very windy - so I took the executive decision to stay at home. I started feeling better yesterday and tried to catch up on things - this included the phenomenally stupid decision to move a heavy piece of furniture upstairs, resulting in scraping all the skin off one elbow. I also sorted out two crates of books for the charity shop. I'm slowly working may way through the house unburdening myself with things that are holding me back. Stuff, mostly, but not exclusively.

I have some planning work to complete on a couple of projects and some research to do - so it's not a wasted day, and nobody has come back to me after last week's efforts.

Oddly, despite being mostly bunged up - my sense of smell seems to have changed and I'm picking up weird scents, that - and the realisation that the dining room floorboards are starting to smell of dog piss - I'll have to give them the once over with caustic soda. That usually works really well.

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