Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Complete waste of a day.

I’d already set myself up for being in London all day - so trying to salvage anything from today was a waste of time. Work not being regular has also messed up my sleeping patterns and that really bothers me. Additionally, I may have fed the dogs twice by mistake.

Today’s snow lasted until about noon, now it’s just cold, damp and grim.

Reading today that The Sun is ‘probably’ ditching page 3 topless girls. ‘Probably’ - because although filtering them out for some time - there hasn’t actually been any confirmation - so I kinda expect a ‘triumphant’ return at some point when sales flag or someone needs exposure - and besides, they are still printing semi-porn. I wouldn’t really call it a victory of any sort, more of a token, and I have a feeling that Murdoch has lead worked out a strategy for long term profitability on this one.

Had a chat yesterday with one of the independent retailers in town, apart from business being really terrible for everyone, some thoughtless fool has triggered a series of events that may well end up with several well know independent stores closing, I really wish I could say more - just trust me, some people really should think before they act - and not put their own interests first.

Someone has bought the public toilets on the edge of the harbour o the seafront and is turning them into a gift shop and cafe, it’s actually a really nice building, and good luck to them - but there are already the murmurs of small town discontent.

I’m watching an old British film, someone has just walked across the road in front of The Old Bailey and straight into Peter Jones - Sloane Square. That’s annoying.

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