Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saturday, part 2.

Staggeringly cold morning - but - typical seaside, stunning sun all day that was actually hot on my face.

Managed to clean the house properly, changed the brake blocks on my bike and gave it a quick clean and service, did a load of washing and walked the dogs twice before lunch. Wandered into town - which is now in full Xmas mode, there was a street antiques market - an Xmas fair in the Old Town with carol singers and a snow machine for a grotto at the back of one of the shops, and various olde-worlde-christmas nonsense all over the place. Lots of people about. I bought toothpaste in the pound shop - queue was 20 mins to pay, town was packed, and then went over to the HiFest Illustration fair - which was fantastic, full of illustrators and designers from London and Brighton, about 50 or 60 stalls - I was really impressed. Bought some posters and fanzines, and then went over to my studio for half an hour. A small shop has opened opposite the studio today selling books, records and graphic novels - went it to talk to the owners, really nice couple from London trying their luck down here. Town is full of young men in their 20's with their hair in harsh partings and well shaped beards and horn rimmed glasses, trying very hard to look 10 years older. They all wore lumberjack shirts.

Came home, went to the Aldi again and bought 3 carrier bags of assorted fresh vegetables. I've just eaten a mango - unthinkable a week ago. Cost me a fraction of the normal spend.

It's 8.30pm, feels like midnight. Could have gone out but declined - too cold, too expensive and I'm not great with alcohol at the moment - seems to have turned against me even more - a single pint of lager and I'm hungover for 2 days, and nobody ever drinks a single pint of lager. Most exciting thing I've done today is warm up the front room with a small fan heater, shaved my head and beard and covered myself with under the counter cream to ward off the psoriasis I always get with the first frost.

I'm working at home tomorrow - and in-house for part of next week. Quite a lot on at the moment but not enough money coming in to relax about it. Quite the reverse.

May watch a film, may drink tea, may eat cheese and biscuits... may just go to bed.

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