Monday, 29 December 2014


I think it's called 'Xmas Monday' by some people.

Sop far - it's been a nice, quiet affair - I've mostly been at home, watching films, relaxing and actually really enjoying things. It's been staggeringly cold outside, so I've had little interest and enthusiasm for going out anywhere - which is exactly what I needed.

I did go out last night, to the Vinyl Night at the Jenny Lind pub - I would have really enjoyed it more - but I had to suffer some of the people already there. To my let - a rather gullible and besotted young man was being persuaded by his Chinese girlfriend to get married so that she could stay in the country - she really was quite the operator, I felt sorry for him, within an hour she's persuaded hi to pretty much give up on everything he wanted for himself in life and focus on her needs. To my right - and far worse - were a group of 6 middle aged ( early - mid 50's ) former bikers having an xmas piss up, they were very loud, very selfish and ruined the evening for everyone. Me in particular - as they were prime examples of little Englander mindset - with everything tainted by casual racism and homophobia. Came quite close to losing my temper and at one point I decide we needed to move to another room in the pub. There were two women on the group - both idiots, and both to drunk to hide the fact they were snorting coke in the ladies toilet regularly. They spent most of the evening talking about someone they used to know who had decided to have a sex change - and the men in particular really struggled to understand the difference between homosexual and transsexual.

I've just been to the new Aldi - it's only been open a couple of weeks and I seriously couldn't live without it now.  My quality of life, bank balance and diet have improve immeasurably. It's also already becoming very middle class, which might help the property prices.

Talking of which - I have to face up to reality now that I've had a few days to clear my head - the front of the house is in a really bad state - I need to talk to a builder and then see if the insurance can be contacted (dreading that) and the roof still needs work. I'm not that optimistic about work going forward and I'm dreading dealing with the revenue - I'll pick up on all of that from tomorrow morning. One last evening watching films and trying to keep calm.

The 'new' version of Mapp and Lucia starts tonight - it was filmed in and around Hastings - not really sure if I want to watch it - too many good memories of the original series.

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