Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day morning.

Cold, crisp, uneven. I just made a fantastic omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and mozzarella - I also burnt the toast and filled the house with smoke.

Had a lovely time yesterday, quiet - un-fussed and without any major incident. At one point, as I sat in a large leather chair in the bay window of a substantial 5 storey hose in the Old Town - 3 police cars and an ambulance rolled up - 5 uniformed policemen and women (are they allowed to wear their hair long?) tumbled out with riot shields and one of those things that they use to bash down doors - fortunately, the excitement was not at the house I was in (but it has been in the past - I may have mentioned the time I was nearly arrested and sectioned under the mental health act by mistake - for having the same first name as my host who was in the middle of a psychotic episode) and the drama carried on for some time. Also managed to get a walk along the beach in the freezing cold and bumped into someone I knew, dog walking - he's one of the worlds leading vegan activists and academics, and we all had a glass of prossecco together.

Later - we accidentally went to the wrong party - I was assured by my host that it was going to be an open house from 5pm onwards, actually it was just a family sitting down to their lunch. Very embarrassing, quick exit through the kitchen door required. I was at home by 9pm, quite sober and well fed, but still managed to polish off a piece of cheese.

It's an odd thing spending Xmas day with an alcoholic - he's a lovely bloke and always on his best behaviour with me. I once saw him plunge his hand into the open fire of a pub lounge to save a woodlouse that was trapped on a log, so he can't be all bad. He did a good job of the nut roast.

Senile greyhound is glaring at me from under a pile of blankets.

Someone took my photograph yesterday. I cannot tell you how awful I looked, like a corpse - I have always photographed really badly - but this was the absolute worst picture of me ever - I'm already on a mission to delete every copy available.

Just listed to Desert Island Disks. Bishop of whatever came across really badly - and then Boxing Day Women's Hour - which seemed to be celebrating 2014 'The Year of Man Bashing'.

When I got home last night I watched Dr Who - which actually wasn't bad and had some nice, appropriately respectful references to Alien. Then I went to bed.

Today... not sure, feeling quite lazy, and very self contained. Have a couple of films I want to watch, including 'Argo' and 'Under the Skin' - and about 20 more upstairs that have been gathering dust. Feeling chipper and tempted to do something rash, like move all the furniture around.

Last night as I walked home - I passed 2 houses where the occupants were in the middle of a phenomenal family row - and then there was another one at the end of my street at about 11pm. I don't miss any of that.

Both of my compost bins are now full to the brim, that's awkward.

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