Thursday, 6 November 2014


Last night wasn't too bad, far fewer fireworks than usual - a relief, dogs were quite relaxed with it all - hopefully that will be the end of it.

Reports from the RSPCA are good, rescue seagull is doing really well - very thin but getting stronger.

There was a 30 min film about the Chapman's last night on BBC4 - there is a link to it here, plenty of shots of where I live and a nice shot of my friend Michelle tattooing someone, worth watching.

In other news - totally unexpectedly - I've been awarded full membership of the ISTD - really chuffed and a bit bowled over. I now have more letters after my name than in it. I think I must be the most well decorated failure in my industry. I'm now a BAhons, MA(RCA), MCSD, ISTD. Might save up ad have a business card printed.

In limbo at work - waiting for a de-brief and confirmation that a couple of new jobs can start (or not...) I may, or may not, be going to Brighton after lunch to talk through some amends - I'll find out later today.

There was a proper ground frost this morning - heavier than anything we had all of last winter. It does not bode well, I suppose I'll need top think about getting some winter boots.

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