Monday, 3 November 2014


There is an edit to this post, because I'm a dickhead and wasn't paying attention.

It was raining today. It was raining so much I didn't bother going to work - I had everything I needed here so I just got on with it. It's much colder as well. The dogs like me being at home, it's comfortable, and I drink a lot of tea.

Managed to get quite a lot done - the day seems much longer - but working at home isn't ideal - I get into bad habits, like starting late and working into the night. back in the studio tomorrow.

There was a moment when I thought I'd managed to break both of my laptops. false alarm - but my blood ran cold.

Being at home - I'm here to hear the phone ring. The line is only for the broadband - I never accept calls and nobody has this number, but it still rings between 3 and 5 times a day - all sales calls, all robots. Today it rang 6 times. I have already registered with a couple of call bar/filtering services - I shouldn't be getting hassled like this.

I did some accounting - by sheer force of will I paid my mortgage and a couple of small bills - and satisfied myself that the only outstanding bills I had were the Inland Revenue ( lets not talk about that ) and repair and maintenance costs on the house, I've even managed to insure the house for another year - and then I suddenly realised I'd not been paying my Council tax bill - I have money coming in later in the month and towards xmas - but unless something substantial happens before January - I'm going to be in more trouble than usual.  If you are reading this, and you have a salary, with all your tax and deductions paid, and possibly even expenses and a pension, count your lucky stars.

Watched a film last night with Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo called 'Blindness' - very similar to an Eva Green film called 'Perfect Sense' - essentially - people are struck down with an infection that strikes them inexplicably blind, and society collapses. Julianne Moore remains sighted, but pretends to be blind to stay with her husband, who is institutionalised at the start of the crisis. It's flawed, but interesting - and rather than any traditional cinematic narrative, like 'Perfect Sense' - it's very metaphysical and wanders into the realms of belief etc. I really enjoyed it - quite challenging, I don't normally enjoy reading fiction but I imagine it's probably a good read. It's on Youtube, if anyone is interested.

A few weeks ago I watched The Damned by Visconti - starring Shirley Anne Field and Oliver Reid - astonishing (but, again, flawed) film that starts of as 'Clockwork Orange' and ends up as a cross between 'The Midwich Cuckoos' and 'Threads' - it has a character playing an artist (The sublime Viveca Lindfors) - all the works are supplied by Barbra Hepworth, Elizabeth Frink  interestingly - they use her signature in the credits, like a logo. It's fascinating and disturbing - and again, available on Youtube. The scary part is that the 'officials' from the Government are quite adamant that nuclear war will come, and we will all died. I think a lot of people felt like that at the time.

Here is the poster - it's a little bit lurid, the film itself is Black and White and shot beautifully.

I'm finding that University Challenge is losing it's shine. I think it's Paxman.


Steerforth said...

The original book of Blindness is so good, I don't think I could bear to watch a film of it, but The Damned sounds a corker.

Anonymous said...

I agree that The Dammed is a great, and largely forgotten film. It is helped by being set in Weymouth and on Portland, both other-worldly places, but for different reasons. However, the sculptures were provided by Elisabeth Frink (and it is her characteristic signature you see in the credits). It's an inspired choice; her 'Geometry of Fear' post-apocalyptic birds fit the story far better than any Hepworth would.

Grey Area said...

yes, OF COURSE - I'm so sorry - that was my mistake, probably because I was looking at a book of Hepworth sculptures about an hour before I wrote the post - of course it's Frink, I cannot fathom how I could visualise one word and type another. Sadly - I'm sure both of these great artists get mistaken for each other. Apologies to all and thanks for the nudge.

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