Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tuesday PM

I'm exhausted. It was practically dark at 6.30pm, the weather has been grim and I'm just facing up to the reality of spending the next 6 months only seeing my house in daylight at weekends. Feeling pretty run down at the moment, need a break but not much opportunity.

I've committed myself to a project that's going to be difficult, time consuming, politically charged and will probably earn me no money - but should help me a lot in the long run and is something I've tried to get off the ground before. I'm probably making a terrible mistake, and it's the absolute final thing I'm going to do at a loss or as a favour, for any reason. It should be good career-wise and raise my professional profile - I just have to put a lot of work in.

Spent a bit of time in Waterstones' today looking at the Xmas stock, this year has gone really quickly, and hasn't really worked out the way I wanted - despite flashes of optimism, it's been fairly grim.

I think the new washing machine is leaking.

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