Sunday, 26 October 2014

The dark.

I really hate the dark, 5pm  and the day is over. I'll have to cycle home in the dark every night now for the next 6 months. It's depressing. I've strung some red Christmas lights over the mantle in the dining room - I do it every year at this time - so that I have a little bit of light in the back of the house when I get in, and the red glow makes it seem warmer.

Despite a number of things planned for today - after a few early practical jobs - I did nothing - went back to bed for a couple of hours, couldn't even be bothered to read. It was grey and overcast and I decided against cycling to Bexhill top see an exhibition. I had no appetite but managed to force myself to make a couple of cheese sandwiches. It's not cold enough to get the slow cooker out - I'll wait a bit before I'm back on the bland vegetable casseroles. I may by a pumpkin and roast it - they are stupidly cheap at the moment, probably because people will only carver them, not eat them, and throw them away afterwards.

War and Peace was on the iplayer - 3 hours 30 mins, I almost managed to work up the enthusiasm to watch it, but I clearly didn't have the attention span. Most amusing thing I've read in the paper today was that Rolf Harris has made his own digeriedoo in the Prison art class. You couldn't make it up - the world has become a parody of itself.

I had a look at the stat details on this blog earlier - reading between the lines, 99% of all hits are from robot websites, sometimes I can get 1000 hits for a 5 year old post about me making a cup of tea in the space of 20 mins. I expect there are probably only about 10 people who casually drop in and read this stuff, everyone else is trying to sell fake Louis Vuitton and pornography.

Had a brief online conversation with someone who has given up on Tate Modern because it's just a giant children's playground for nice, middle class parents who think it's OK for their kids to run wild. Afraid I agree - what will they be like when they grow up?

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find anything worth reading in the newspapers - the article that caught my eye - for all the wrong reasons, was that mark Gatiss is to play Peter Mandelson in a film about the last election. I can't abide Gatiss. The mind boggles.

They have started working on the fascia of the Pizza Hut in the village - now, when I look out of my bedroom window - in a break between the houses - I'll be able to See the illuminations of the Pizza Hut, a posh Chip Shop and  KFC. I think it's probably a good selling point.

Next week is looking really confused and ropey - have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, nothing confirmed by anyone. 'Probably' going out on Tuesday night and out on Friday night, other than that - it's looking messy.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog due to the link from The Age of Uncertainty.
I was interested to read what you said about the Tate Modern and children rampaging about. I live in Cambridge & have noticed that in the library here. They have a play area! Also the library is only accessible after training through a shopping mall. NO street facing front ... I despair.
Anne (ex-pat Cdn)

Susan said...

Funny coincidences: I read your blog due to the Age of Uncertainty link as well, and am also Cdn, (but not ex-pat). You have an international following. Also a former teacher and quite familiar with the student/parent attitude you described in the post after this. Re libraries: waiting for our local municipal election results today. Incumbent mayor is in support of building a new and much-needed main library; opposing candidate sees no need for it, since these days the library "has been transformed into the now-out-of-business video rental store." Direct quote.

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