Saturday, 11 October 2014


Started stormy and wet, now it's sunny and bright. More turmoil expected later.

Came home last night just in time to see my neighbours being carted off in an ambulance, no idea what thats all about.

Worked had yesterday and am working Sunday - picked up another really interesting but probably badly paid job yesterday - so I'm fully booked now. Today is a 'day of rest' - mostly cleaning and worrying abut stuff. Left the house yesterday worrying about money and forgot to put my helmet on, spent the ride worrying I'd be killed by a car.

Have run out of toothpaste - it's cheaper in town, trying to decide how I feel about cycling into Hastings to bulk buy Toothpaste - or biting the bullet and buying a tube here instead.

UKIP won this week because they had a popular sitting MP who was already well liked in a safe seat, with a 'populist' cause - of course, Carswell wold have been more dignified and less of a shit if he had simply announce that he would stand down as a tory at the end of the current Parliament and then stand as UKIP - only a few months to go - instead he's drawn huge attention to himself (and don't think for a moment that his statesman like acceptance speech was anything less than dipping his toe in the waters of party leadership he would have also saved the public about 200,000 for a totally unnecessary election. Nobody really seems to know what KIP actually stand for, they make it up as they go along, occasionally mid-sentence. Much has been said of their anti-politics, anti-establishment poise (have you even SEEN Farage?) but essentially it's all about small minded, little Englander, throwback reactionary bullshit and appealing to the aggrieved and the bigoted. Sadly, Westminster only has itself to blame.

Delighted that Tony Blair didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize as had been mooted, that would have been too much.

Watched a documentry about Ebola last night. Found myself looking in from the outside thinking 'Christ, guys, you're doing this all wrong - waiting for the post mortem to talk about your mistakes will be too late"

Just remembered I have 50 giant Allium bulbs that need planting.

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