Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday. This has started badly.

I discovered early this morning that there is a leaking pipe in my kitchen, behind the ceramic sink  in a place I can't actually get access to, this means stripping everything out. I needed to get to work so I ended up having to turn off the water at the mains from the standpipe outside - in the pouring rain - and leaving it until I get back from work - when it will be dark. I cycled into work in the rain, high winds, dodging the bad Monday morning drivers and the bin lorries that park in the middle of the road, only to realise I'd left my phone and wallet at home in the rush. I now need to go back home, before lunch. A waste of a day already. I have to spend the afternoon fixing the sink and sorting out the kitchen, and then working from home into the evening. At least I don't have to go into Brighton today.

I worked in the studio all day Sunday - managed to get a lot done, there were 3 of us, and the woman who owns the building, so it was quite nice - I finished at about 6pm, sent the work off and by the time I'd got home had a response from the client telling me they were really happy and I didn't need to spend Monday with them in Brighton - probably just Wednesday.h

Sunday was made 'weird' by the background noise at work - someone had booked part of the building for a weekend residential course in 'self expression' that seemed to include a lot of physical activities and quite a bit of primal screaming. People a weird.

The weather is rubbish. It's practically still dark. The roof still leaks, obviously. At least it isn't cold. Yet.

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