Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I came in early today - it was raining, I need to be at a printers at 9.30 to collect some finished products then back here to work. No point in starting anything - I've already had a phone call rom the Revenue, they probably just want me to feel loved.

Felt rubbish last night - really tired and depressed - I need a holiday of some kind. The dark evenings are starting to depress me already. The rain has already gone and it's nice and sunny now, but I'm going to be indoors all day.

I have a decent sized invoice hanging about in the background - hopefully paid before the end of the month - and then at least 3 large projects that I may, or may not get - if I don't get at least one of them I'll be in trouble. Obviously, and tragically - I'm over qualified for all 3.

The work I need to do this week is difficult, unsatisfying and political - I'm not looking forward to any of it.

I've lost the plot with British Politics. I don't understand why we go from nearly losing Scotland last week, to pushing for English laws for England this week, I don't understand mansion tax, I don't have a mansion and frankly - I don't really care if anyone else has one either - but if you pay tax your earnings, and tax on everything you buy - you shouldn't really be taxed again because it's yours. I know someone with a flat in London they can't sell because of capital gains tax - it's not my problem, I don't resent them for it - I'm sure I would be delighted if I had a little place in town with profitable tenants - but I haven't - that's no reason to screw more money out of them. If people work had and do well in life - combined with a bit of luck (I'm missing out on the 'do well' and 'luck' parts) I have no problem with that really. Also - we seem to be gearing up for another war. Was it always like this? I don't remember constant war when I was a kid. No wonder I'm down in the dumps.

I reinstalled everything manually onto my iphone last night. Quite a boring evening, The new iphone lets you see what apps use up memory - apparently - the process of installing facebook but not using it took up 45% of my battery power. It's coming right off again. The other delight was that you could turn off the colour and use your phone in Black and White. I love it. Everything looks better in black and white.

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