Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Worn out. Worked in-house yesterday - finished at nearly 11pm, did a phenomenal amount of work in a short space of time - mostly right off the top of my head. Quite enjoyed it. had to be in the studio early today, and as a result - I'm really tired this evening.

The weather is either very hot - or very humid and about to rain, I hate it.

You will be delighted to know that no nude photographs of me will be appearing online. Why anyone would be so stupid as to put anything that personal online, under any circumstances, just evades me.

In an odd conversation today, I was told that the new girlfriend of someone I know was nervous when she met me because apparently I have a 'reputation' for being aggressive and unstable - oddly enough - I don't know her, any of her friends, anyone she knows or am in anyway connected with anyone that she know - so I wonder where that came from - unless she's got me mixed up with someone else. Suffice to say - I'm neither of those two things.

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