Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Today could have been easier.

I went into work early - as I arrived, the door was open - this turned out to be someone moving some furniture in, which was fine - but it unsettled my routine - I didn't have to get my keys out. later I realised I couldn't find my wallet - and later still - my keys. I thought it through and the most obvious answer was that I'd left my wallet at home, and my keys in the door - which I have done once before. I cycled home at double quick speed - with a spare key I keep at work. Nothing there. I picked up some paperwork to take to the bank so I could cancel everything and cycled back to work - stressed out at having to cancel my cards, buy new locks, find a way to remove the bike chains and D Lock I'll never be able to use again, and just generally survive. Just as I was giving up after a final search and heading to the bank - I found them - in the safe place I use for valuables in the office - I have no idea how they got there, and no memory of putting them there - but I'm relieved.

Had a call from an agent I sometimes work with, have been put forward for a 3 week job in London, I'm eminently qualified for it - it's perfect for me - but it will go to someone younger. I get to be professional candidate quite a lot.

By the time I got home tonight I was exhausted, feeling very run down and out of sorts. Working on something awkward and unsatisfactory, not quite 'there' yet.

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