Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I had an appointment with the dental hygienist this morning - they told me 8.45, turned out to be 11.15, quite a waste of time. I also draw the line at the hygienist having a receptionist with multiple facial piercings around their mouth. It was the usual performance - firstly being told that I'm doing really well and my teeth are very clean, my gums healthy and there is no cause for concern - and then 'but' - as it turns out that once again I'm doing everything wrong and it's all my fault. Everyone in the medical or dental profession seems to make it their mission in life to destroy your self esteem.

Still very quiet work-wise, in fact, it's so quiet I'm going to stay at home tomorrow. I'm not enjoying it at all - it's freaking me out. I know that the whole world is either on holiday or taking 3 hour lunch breaks - but I'm stating to get very worried about the future. Again.

Have just been to the COOP, nothing annoys me more than grown men who get to the till then ring their mothers to see if there is anything they have forgotten, or anything she needs - and there always is.

I mentioned that my neighbour's wife has left him. Coming home early I notice that she's been at the house during the day - I assumed it was to collect her things - evidently today she's just been popping round to do his cleaning.

The Baroness Warsi letter made good reading, and I respect her for it.

I need a skip to clear all the rubble in my garden - but it seems for some time that there are constantly parked cars outside my house - two belong to neighbours who have disabled parking spaces and NEVER drive their cars, so they are there all the time - and the cause of the rest seems to be the HUGE number of houses that now have block paved gardens and spaces for up to 3 cars directly in front of their front door, and a wide 'no park' zone outside their house where parking used to be - I'm starting to stress about it a bit, all this rubble is incredibly heavy - getting it to the front of the house in bags will be a mammoth job in itself - but having to drag it up the hill to a spare parking space because I can't get one outside my own house is just insane. I don't drive, so parked outside my house is always someone else's car - usually someone who works at the bank during the day - or is shopping in the coop, and then just decides to leave it there because it's free and convenient. People are really selfish.

One of the restaurants in the Old Town closed it's doors last night. It was a tapas bar - a very good one, and I liked it very much. The owner is retiring and has sold it (for half a million pounds) to a woman with more money than sense who seems to think it will make a trendy menswear shop. I didn't like the owner - she was quite a rude woman, but I liked the food and it was really good value. There used to be a woman working there who had been on Big Brother once and was voted off early for being really annoying. She was quiet manic, friendly enough - but always seemed to assume that whoever I was in there with - was my date. This included my brother and occasionally clients. It was quite embarrassing.

Bernie Ecclestone. Buys his way out of a bribery trial. with a bribe. Hell in a handcart.

I was supposed to go and see a live broadcast of 'Skylight' from the national Theatre last night - chickened out at the last moment, freaking out about money, decided it would be 15 quid I could do without spending.

I'm probably in a bad mood all the time because of the constant stream of unremitting bad news everywhere. Remember the good old days when 'news' was confined to a newspaper first thing in the morning, and the 9pm news on BBC - the rest of the day you could be free to forget it all - now it's 24 hours a day misery, there is no escape.


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Is that Harris's?

Anonymous said...

yes, afraid so. gone forever.

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