Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tuesday Morning

I want to go to work - but the weather is so bad I'm trapped in the house - never seen rain like it - even the dogs are hiding, it's making a lot of noise - banging against the roof, windows and metal bins. Hopefully it should pass.

I woke up at 5am with the world service news as usual (fully dark today), I'd better say this now - I never liked Robin Williams. I've said before that I have blind spots about certain types of people, and he was one of them. It's not that I just didn't find him funny (I didn't) but I found him a bit threatening and he made me really uncomfortable. The shouting style of comedy doesn't work for me at all - I just don't get most humour anyway - bur I seriously didn't find him funny at all. I thought Mork and Mindy was strange (in a bad way) and freaked me out when I was a kid, Mrs Doubtfire was just a bad actor in a sinister rubber mask - and I mean a BAD rubber mask - and despite the fact he was only 15 years older than me - I always saw him as old, creepy and bullish. Obviously - I'm in a tiny minority here - it seems that the whole world worshipped him, I just don't understand why. It's going to be about 48 hours of celebrities talking about him when they are really talking about themselves, and tributes that do nothing to change my mind - on the radio this morning the newsreaders were laughing heartily at a clip from Mrs Doubtfire that just wasn't funny at all. Lots of sympathy for his drug, alcohol and mental health issues from people who would happily step over a homeless person in the street if they thought had the same problems, and lots of people telling me how much they liked him without being able to remember anything he said. It's probably just me, but seriously - I don't get it.

I watched a documentary on Vivian Maier last night, it was astonishing - she was a remarkable woman. It was sad that so many people have started to appropriate her legacy and attempt to reassess and reinvent her - the work should stand for itself and the speculation should end.

I think the weather has broken, I'll walk the dogs.

edit - I made an attempt to cycle to work during a break in the weather, it was a mistake. I am now at my desk, dripping water on the floor - I used to keep a change of clothes at the studio last winter exactly for this reason, I'll have to do it again.


Steerforth said...

I bet Robbie Williams is secretly pleased - he said how accustomed he was to seeing the look of disappointment on people's faces when he arrived at parties and events - "No, ROBBIE Williams."

As far as Robin Williams goes, watching interviews with him were just excrutiating. I'm surprised he made it as far as 63, as he was permanently on the edge.

Richard said...

According to someone in the studio - there was a flutter of activity on Twitter caused by people assuming that Robbie, not Robin was dead. I'm glad it wasn't just me - I've barely said a word all day in case I cause upset.

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