Thursday, 21 August 2014


I was in at 8am - a client had asked me to change a single page in a publication before it went to print, which I duly did. Printer went ahead and produced the wrong one by mistake. Not my problem.

My 'good' camera had died. It's the third time in about 6 years that the LCD of a good quality semi-professional camera had died on me. Literally 'just' out of warranty - it will probably be cheaper to buy a new camera back than to try and get it repaired. I'm really pissed off, can't work without a camera - can't realistically afford to go buying a new one.

I'm in work tomorrow - had hoped to take the day off and do stuff at home. Not a chance.

Jamie Oliver was in Hastings AGAIN yesterday filming something, cooking fresh caught fish on the beach. It's bound to affect the house prices.

The random busker in the middle of town was on a roll today, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Hazel O'Connor.

There was a brilliant program on iplayer about 20th century poets - not as pretentious as it sounds. Reminded of one of my favourite poems of all time by Roger McGough.

Out of work
Usually pissed...
He aimed low in life...
And missed.

edit. I came to the conclusion after much heartache, anger, frustration and research that it was cheaper and easier to buy a new camera body than try and get it repaired. I am not a happy man. Should be here by Tuesday.

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