Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thursday PM

This week went quickly enough - it's still swelteringly hot, but I'm OK with that.

Work has started perking up - I'm now fully occupied for the time being, that makes me happy. I've managed to eat at least one avocado every day this week - if I could live on just avocado, I would.
The route I decided to try to cycle home on tonight was far steeper than I expected - shan't be trying that one again.

I took a break at lunch time and just sat on the beach with an ice cream, I forget that I can just 'do' things like that. we now have a full house in the studio - all the desks are taken, it's a much nicer working environment - everyone seems busy and cheerful - so this week looks like it will end happily - and I'm planning another long bike ride at the weekend - might attempt Camber sands, but I think I'll probably just try and get my time to Eastbourne down and have a look around the charity shops.

Alfie greyhound has started digging up the garden again - he managed a large holly tree this week. I was furious.

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