Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thursday evening

Worked really hard today, so getting myself geared up for an evening in front of a film. Last night I watched 'The Woman In Black' again and liked it much more than the first time - very good cinematography and story development, acting pretty good too - only thing that annoyed my was the occasional use f skin-tone softening digital effects - looked uneven and unnecessary - wish they wouldn't bother. It was the kind of film that would have been even better in black and white.

Thursday in Hastings means market day - town was full of strange idiots and people with multiple facial piercings and tattoos - as if the circus came to town every week. The rubbish busker outside the town hall was 'doing' Adel -people were honestly screwing their faces up in pain as they walked past.

The really attractive girl who wears 50's clothing was back - clearly working on the bible bashers stall - I think they use her as bait.

Back in the village - someone has got carried away and stuck dozens of political flyers all over the village noticeboard, the pastiche flyers that mock Sainsbury's were so convincing I thought they were vouchers and considered taking a pile of them home.

Someone must have been knocking on the door yesterday - came home to a scene of complete destruction, dogs had ripped up anything they could get hold of. Small dog has started pissing in the dining room again.

Noticed today that the newly bearded and overweight Leonardo di Caprio looks exactly like mid-career decline Orson Welles. Is that intentional?

Never underestimate the contempt in which Cliff Richard is held by my generation, not totally sure what he's done to deserve it - I've done my best to ignore him - but there was no out puring of sympathy or defending voices in the studio today.

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