Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday Morning

When someone comes towards you in a field at 7am with an off-lead Akita and tells you "it's OK - he's friendly" - you already know he ain't. People who can't control their dogs or take responsibility for them should be shot on sight *only a very slight exaggeration there*

It's going to be a nice day - tomorrow will be cooler - but with less wind, so I'll cycle then - Monday will be wet,may actually go into work.

I finished this week off in a good mood - in fact, I can't remember being in such a good mood for no tangible reason. In the morning I went past Debenhams - they are having a sale, so I had a look at the Levis, I only wear one style - 30% off... quite pleased about that so bought 2 pairs, at the till she took another %20 off - so half price. Cheered me u no end!. Worked hard yesterday - didn't even lose my temper in the afternoon when a 4 hour upload crashed at 95% - took it home, managed to send it from my superfast home broadband in less than 20 mins.

There is a month long arts festival in Hastings starting this weekends - Coastal Currents - an artist is fixing a large wire sculpture to the front of our building with a giant cherry picker - it wasn't going very well and there was much crying and shouting - I decided to keep out of things and left them to it.

A quick shout out to Bill, who reads this blog and his random act of kindness yesterday - it was very good of him.

I have a conundrum - I posted a link to a house I wanted to buy about 10 days ago - it may actually be more feasible than I thought - I'm going to spend the weekend thinking about it very carefully.

Postman trued to deliver a parcel at 8am while I was dog walking  - they NEVER come that early - I think it's my camera body. Annoyed about that, weekend would have been a useful time to tinker.

Today will be mostly practical stuff, cleaning - washing, looking at videos of funny cats on the internet etc. I might go for a bike ride later - all this extra exercise is really doing me good. I had a letter from the doctors surgery yesterday asking me to go in for a health check - they probably do theses things based on age - I can't stand that surgery - I'd be curious to know if the doctor who insisted I was depressed when I wasn't is still there. The receptionists were horrible to me as well.

Vaguely thinking about stripping paint off the stairs... probably won't get that far.

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