Saturday, 2 August 2014

Last week in July, first week in August

As a self employed person, I hate this time of year, nobody else is working or paying attention - it's horribly quiet - nobody pays their bills or answers their phone and work just dries up. Every now and then - something urgent will come up - so I can't relax or have a 'pretend' holiday - I just sit about whilst my bank balance dwindles.

Yesterday I finally finished filtering and packing away my parents estate/paperwork. It's all condensed to a single box of papers. I found a letter telling my mother that 3 of her friends had been killed in an aircraft accident. Not really sure what to do with it all now - it doesn't seem to be very much for a combined 120 years worth of life.

It's going to rain later - a lot, so I'm in two minds what to do - I wanted to go for a bike ride - but I don't really want to get caught in it. I was planning on cycling to Brighton, but I've realised it's Brighton Pride - can't think of anything worse - and it's Hastings carnival, which is just as bad but with different costumes. Most streets in both towns will be awash with beer, piss, blood and probably some other bodily fluids.

I need to go into work at some point this weekend, preferably today - I had an email quite late yesterday when I was already at home asking for something for Monday Morning and I can't do it from here.

The most exciting thing I did this week was buy a new dustbin.

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