Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

It's the big August Bank Holiday, last gasp of summer - and of course, it's raining. A lot.

Yesterday I managed to surprise myself, and my neighbours - but taking down the front door - filling any holes, sanding it down and giving it a decent undercoat - doing the same to the door frame and also cleaning, stripping and filling the domed roof area above my bay window in anticipation of painting it.

I shall be deciding the exact colour of front door today or tomorrow - initially I thought black, but actually - being pale is quite nice - so probably a grey, the house will be a darkish grey - so something like this -

I bought a new set of kitchen knives, they are exceptionally sharp - for years I've been using the same blunt old things I've had since I was a student - generally my technique for cutting bread has been closer to smashing and tearing - now I've discovered the joy of doing it properly. A revelation.

Had a strange recurring dream last night about school - that I'm supposed to have filled in an evaluation form and sent it back when I left - only 30 years late, I filled it in last night in my dream - it wasn't very positive, have had exactly the same dream about college.

Like everyone else in the UK I watched Dr Who on Saturday - I thought it was OK, as usual the internet was full of pseudo experts complaining that it didn't meet their high standards - they are exactly the same people who will be saying 'best Doctor Ever' in a few months - but having a really strong actor at the helm is a good move.

Talking strong actors - sad to hear about Richard Attenborough, bit of a titan in all things. By coincidence  - I'd just watched 'In Which We Serve' before I heard he'd died which contained his first screen role as a cowardly sailor who redeems himself after an act of very British Mercy (from Noel Coward, obviously) - and he clearly lights up the screen - I was surprised it was his first role - he comes across as quite magnetic and with a more intense, modern and honest acting style than anyone else in the film. Of course the news reports are full of all his 'big films' - but my favourites are the smaller ones - 'Seance on a Wet Afternoon', 'A Severed Head', 'The Angry Silence', 'The League of Gentlemen' and 'The Flight of the Pheonix'. Basically - the entire span of modern British cinema from start to finish in one performer/director.

As I'm stuck at home all day - I'll be forced to tackle things that I've let slip - this may include paying bills, doing paperwork, washing, cleaning, fixing things that are broken (I repaired a leather bag yesterday with some special glue and a big needle - I deserve an award for such practical prowess!) Couple of films I want to catch up on hanging about in the background - and some planning, I might find myself double booked soon, not much I can do about that - and I can't afford to turn down either job.

Here are some pics of 'Dickie' in my favourite films - I might have a dig about in my DVD's later to See what I can find and watch one later.

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

The League of Gentlemen

In Which We Serve
The Angry Silence

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