Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Well, yesterday was OK - I managed to get into work early - do everything I needed and then wander home through the Old Town. I dropped into a friends house and had a chat about her new business - I'd already had a long conversation with someone about another start-up) - and I went home and dug up the last bit of the old patio. I now have 100 bags of rubble and hardcore - and have to face up to the fact I will need to order a skip - and then carry every single bag through the house to the front. Not looking forward to that. They are heavy.

Against my better judgement - I popped out for a drink later and met a man with the worst teeth I have ever seen. They were so bad I was transfixed. It was my 2nd experience of bad teeth in one day. I had to deal with a man in a DIY shop who looked like an out-take from a zombie movie. Also, earlier - I'd been aghast that you can sit outside Yates's with a baby in a buggy at 9am and drink a pint of lager. It must be the sun that brings them all out.

My evening out went well - I have a really good friend who has exactly the same tastes as me and a house full of obsessive compulsive hoarding (sound familiar) and spent the evening going through his astounding newspaper collection - everything from 'Elvis Dead' to all the important Sex-Pistols events, and my birthday present was a mint copy of the 1978 October 13th edition of the Evening Standard - 'Punk Vicious confesses to killing girlfriend" - I was quite overcome. I'll post pictures. Ironically - the only picture on the cover was of Margaret Thatcher - it was her birthday.

After that I went home, ate cheese and watched Dawn of the Dead.

Cabinet reshuffle in full swing as I type. Gove out - lots of identikit looking women coming in... must be something in the air, an election - possibly. All the moderates are out and at least three people who voted against equal marriage promoted to important positions. Pleasing the blue rinses and provincial Conservatives clubs of the home counties. The newspapers are all more concerned that for the first time in over 100 years - a minister will have a beard.

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