Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday. A write off.

Had intended getting a lot done today, but a visitor - a few unexpected jobs, and the heat all conspired against me. I did find out something curious. I mentioned about a year ago that someone was living in one of the  houses behind me, and had at least one large rottweiler - which seemed to be fairly passive but who went to great lengths to hide the dog and avoid any contact with other people. Turns out that (and I DO NOT MAKE THESE THINGS UP) they were some strange Latvian people running an illegal dog breeding outfit and had about 20 rottweilers in the garden of a large house that they took on, but never paid any rent - which is why they were only there for 6 months. I found myself in the house of their next door neigh our today - who turns out to be a film editor working with someone I know, hence the visitor.

The dogs enjoyed having a visitor - it wore me out.

I have to walk into work tomorrow - left the bike there on Monday. I'll be going in early - very busy day expected, and then I'm working in Brighton on Thursday. have had some more work enquiries - I now have 6 projects waiting for the go-ahead, and I'm quite sure at least 5 of them will never start.

I'm sitting at my desk in the front of my house, daydreaming an elaborate scheme to have shutters made for the bay window.

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