Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday morning.

I overslept for some reason - not sure why - no particular cause - I considered staying home until lunch but boredom got the better of me. I eventually left at about 9 - just down the main road from me is a Salvation Army charity shop - they had a very large white globe light fitting with the original chrome ceiling parts - about 25cms - for £2. perfect for my bathroom - so I bought it and went back home. While I was there I had a look at the render repairs to the front of my house. I haven't painted the house yet (Can't afford to). There were a lot of cracks at the front of my house that came through in the last couple of years - mostly due to poor repairs from 1986 - when there was a fire ( I didn't know about the fire until earlier this year - the estate agent kept that quiet) I'm pretty sure that the bay at the front of my house is still moving and will need to be knocked down and replaced. I just can't afford it. As you can imagine. I'm quite pissed of.

It's warmer than I expected and I'm in the office sweating. I'm still waiting for feedback on work I did last week - and 6 of the 7 jobs I've been waiting for the go-ahead on are probably not happening (at least for me). I'm about to go and collect something from the post office, it's a gift from a client I did some work for but refused to charge - probably a bottle of wine - I am kinda hoping that my good will gesture leads to something else. I am working on some packaging that's going to be in Heal's. Quite pleased about that.

The sun is now much hotter than I expected and I'm wearing the wrong clothes. Today can't get much worse. Can't face checking my bank balance.

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