Thursday, 17 July 2014


It's going to be obscenely hot, so I came into work early - neatly dodging my old neighbour who was trying to chase a juvenile seagull up the road, she was wearing bright yellow marigolds and a concerned look on her face. I don't expect that to end well.

I have a very specific job to do today - then I'm supposed to go for a drink in the blazing sun, having 2nd thoughts already.

Yesterday I spent the evening screening the bay window downstairs with a frosted film - the old woman next door keeps looking through the window and I've had enough.  I bought it from B&Q in Bexhill, trying to get the right one was a nightmare - every packet had a different design and almost ll of them had been opened at one end so that the customer could check it was what they wanted - generally by ruining the first 6 inches. So far - it seems to be working.

I'm due to get a large invoice paid today - almost all of it will be swallowed up by bills - but it's better than nothing.

I have just enough tan to make me look healthy, any more and I either look dirty or foreign. A few years ago I had a very heavy tan and I was repeatedly subject to racist abuse. I'm from Wales.

Very large windfarm has been given the green light just out in the English Channel - quite looking forward to seeing it built - I love windfarms.

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