Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday PM.

Brighton was 30 degrees - but the train seemed air conditioned - as was the office I worked in - so I didn't mind. The wind off the sea was as hot as something from my oven. I'd forgotten that it was the last week in July / first week in August - so Brighton was rammed - and there was a constant stream of people piling out of the station with bags on wheels, fighting over taxi cabs.

I met my client in a cafe in Hove that tries really hard to be trendy - too hard. The staff are all in love with themselves, totally vacant and self absorbed. The woman who served me was a moron - she had 50's hair and glasses, piercings, and appeared to have a full body tattoo.  It took 10 mins to get the cu of tea from behind the counter to my table - by which time it was stewed to undrinkability and the milk had turned. During this time she managed to be very busy serving nobody else - a woman at the till gave up and walked out - and the other person working there managed to get an order of 3 coffees wrong twice. I won't be back. But none of that matters 'cos they all looked great. Apparently.

Meeting wet well - picked up some more work and a licensing project I've worked hard on over the last 6 months might be made into a TV series. I get on very well with the client and he's good at his job, so the day was very well spent.

I needed a pen to make some notes on the journey home. I made the mistake of going into Smiths at Churchill Square, they have a ground floor main entrance, and a large basement area with a Post Office. There are no pens on the ground floor -so I left, quite angry. I went to the branch at the station - they had 3 Bic Biros for £8.99. That's why I hate Smiths.

Despite having some time left over and a good wander around Brighton, I found myself quite bored so I went back to the studio. Hastings was hot, and there were lots of people swimming in the sea.

Senile greyhound disgraced himself again by becoming hysterical because the old woman next door was watering her plants.

I'm seriously getting into the idea of taking down the bathroom ceiling.

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