Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday PM

Very, very hot again today - am considering staying at home tomorrow.

Just managed to get a baby seagull back onto the roof opposite without being pecked to death or falling off a ladder, catching it was no fun. Not surprisingly - 2 of my 'friendly' neighbours didn't answer their doors when I asked for a hand - as if I couldn't see them through the window....and another neighbour cheerfully told me that it it fell off again, her cats would 'have it'.

Another neighbour informed me that his wife has left him because he 'likes the odd drink' - he had a carrier bag of bottles of what looked like Rose "Oh - don't worry about that, if I don't get a drink tonight, I won't sleep". He's a nice bloke - she's nicer. I can't say it was much of a surprise. He also complained that as the house was rented 'all that money I've spent on the garden will be wasted".

Now that thee front bay window is frosted - I've taken down the curtains - and find that actually - there is too much light in here.

Sad to hear about Elaine Stritch - she was remarkable - anyone who lives in the Savoy full time gets my vote.

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