Monday, 21 July 2014


Another staggeringly hot day, already feel it's getting too much. I came into work at 7.30 to get started because I had a dental appointment before 9am and I needed psyching up.

I cycled over to Bexhill yesterday to see the new exhibition at the De La Warr. Ivan Chermayeff is a bit of a hero anyway and the show didn't disappoint - really great selection of work from a lifetime at the top of the design tree. Perfect space for it - he's the son of the architect who designed the De La Warr, and most of the work I'd seen before in some context - but never in the flesh. There was even a really neat little book that they gave out free. It's a nice ride over to Bexhill along the beach and as I went early - quite quiet. Couldn't say the same for Hastings, it was 'Pirate Day' - another strange weekend festival that includes thousands of people dressing up and drinking themselves into insensibility. It seems that almost every weekend now has a 'theme'. We have Old Town Carnival week coming up (that's 7 days) - a vintage 1940's weekend, an airshow, another giant motorcycle rally and an early bonfire night to look forward to - and then the long run up to Xmas. This town loves to dress up and drink.

I also managed to get to the Jerwood Gallery before it got too busy, there is a great little show by Quentin Blake, especially for the Jerwood - and a nice book to accompany it. Both shows are well worth the effort. I'm planning on a trip to the Towner ion Eastbourne next weekend (or before if I'm not too busy) - I'll be going by bike if the weather holds.

Talking weather - out strange micro climate is winning. Still no actual rain, just unbearable humidity. It's so sticky that I can't get the washing to dry.


Anonymous said...

The Towner - is that for the Peggy angus show? Should be good if so. Thanks for your thumbs-up about De La Warr and Jerwood, I was planning to go to these also.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right. The Jerwood has a 'free entry' day once a month - I think it's the last Tuesday, otherwise it's quite pricey at £8, or very good value to become a member at about twenty something. - the De La Warr is always free.


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