Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday Morning.

I've come into work very early (7.30am) in a bid to get plenty done, it's due to rain later and I'd like to avoid that - but quite nice outside now - although just up the coast there have been phenomenal storms since 6am, apparently with flooding in parts of Hove and a friend has already set me photographs of an inch of hail, and told of every car and burglar alarm in the area being set off by thunder.

I cleaned the house thoroughly yesterday - and did about 10 loads of washing, it is all now pristine. In an attempt to relax I forced myself to do nothing in the evening. I hated it. Really frustrating.

For the last few months I've been half-joking about how senile Alfie Greyhound has become over the last year - this morning it really hit home just how far he's gone. He really is out of it most of the time. Grumpy, surly, wilful and belligerent - or just vacant, and asleep for about 22 hours a day, but not looking like he's resting much. I'll do some proper research later - not too sure what I can do to help him.

Vaguely thinking about my next bike ride. I'm perfectly capable of cycling to Brighton in about 2 hours 20 mins - I 'could' get the train home from there - or see how I feel about cycling back again, alternatively - I could cycle to Dungeness, although apparently you have to be careful of the wind off the sea - if it's against you either way - you're in trouble. Another alternative is the Denge Sound Mirrors which I've always been interested in - I'll pick a good day and take a decent camera.

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