Friday, 18 July 2014


Just been to collect a new keyboard from my usual mac technician, first time I've seen them since they changed sex - I was probably more nervous than they were - delighted with my keyboard.

Cycling there and back to a part of town I don't usually bother with - It's noticeable just how bad the roads in this area are, countless potholes, terrible parking arrangements creating traffic flow danger and loads of bad drivers, but I'll reserve my scorn for the really bad woman cyclist who was probably trying to impress me but frankly nearly got us both killed.

It's staggeringly hot again, we may, or may not get rain later - this pat of the south coast has a strange little micro climate and we might actually miss the coming storm.

I 'should' have received a large payment yesterday - I didn't. That concerns me. Found out earlier I'd been really undermined by a client, furious about that. Managed to get to the end of the week without worrying about money - but now I've started. Should probably go home and do something less fretful.

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