Friday, 11 July 2014


I worked at home yesterday - quite enjoyed it - and as a couple of potential pieces of work came it - I ended up being in a really good mood. Finished the day off by watching a couple of really bad films - watching Kelly Brook being eaten by mutant piranhas was pretty good entertainment.
I also spent some time rationalising my archive - cleared out loads of duplicates and dead files, put a couple of old clients 'to bed'.

It raining today, that constant, grim, wet drizzle that makes me think I'll work at home today as well - I'm not cycling in this - should stop in a couple of hours, I'll probably go in for a couple of hours later.

In the meantime - I found some photographs of my parents on an old hard drive.

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Steerforth said...

Wonderful photos, particularly the last one.

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