Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I did consider staying at home today - but there was a huge false widow spider in the hall so I decided to decamp to the studio until it decided to move on. Very, very hot morning - and now cooler and a bit wet. I managed to get home before the rain.

Paid a slew of bills this morning, something I hate doing at the best of times - and paid a fiver for a new rubber case for my iPhone, I bought one that was designed to go on a belt, because it was more substantial - and took the belt part off. They are cheap now, but harder to find, as I only have an iPhone 4. I have no interest in upgrading any time soon.

Now that the weekend is over - I'm back to normal and feeling pretty chipper - successful people usually bring me down a bit but this lot didn't bother me - I seemed to manage perfectly well. A few weeks ago I tried to buy a large metal lampshade in BHS for a reduced price of just under £40. I was too late and the offer ended - today I was able to buy it for £25. That cheered me up!

I've set myself some very specific talks today - sorting a load of paperwork and going through all my online bookmarks and editing / sorting them all. I get into stuff like that when I'm in the mood.

I overheard the woman next door talking to a builder - she wants new fences and climbing plants all the way along my house because she doesn't want my dogs chasing her cat - possibly if she stopped her fucking cat coming into my garden it might help - and I've had to make holes all along the fences so it can actually escape when the dogs notice it. That woman has too much time on her hands - she spends hours in the window watching me - and muttering and moaning. She rang up last week because my whippet jumped onto the kitchen roof where her cat was sunbathing ( that's MY  kitchen roof ) and then fell off into her garden. That's the 2nd time that's happened... in 7 years.

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