Thursday, 5 June 2014


Ever since I bought this house - my view has been marked by the bulky, orange, rusting hulk of a B&Q in the distance. Today, I woke to see nothing but landscape, finally demolished.

Frustrating day at work, juggling plates, being asked to change things I've already finished and am not going to be paid for. That even followed me home tonight. In the studio tomorrow trying to get ahead - not looking very likely.

I went to M&S at lunch time and bought some reduced food - which I conveniently left in the studio fridge. It included something called vegetable kievs - which I picked up at half price and looked quite nice on the packed photograph - obviously reality would be very different, but I'd looked forward to them all day. In an attempt to salvage my evening - I tried both COOP and TESCO - trying to find something with at least a memory of flavour. I'm working my way through something called a 'spicy bean burger' - it's horrible. I'd not managed to get to the shops until 6.30 - so all that was left was white bread, sweets, half price slabs of meat and alcohol.

There was a really bad smell in the kitchen - I was worried in case it was a dead mouse - turned out to be some asparagus that had turned, very bad smell indeed.

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