Sunday, 29 June 2014

Social Comment Sunday.

I hate A.L.Kennedy. Many years ago I bought a slim volume of her short stories on a whim and thought it started well but quickly became stylistic and a bit artificial and very constructed and dishonest. I had a feeling she listened to The Smiths ( NEVER bother with Smiths Fan-fiction - it sucks the life out of you). Some tie later - after winning a few small writing competitions - she became a stand-up comedian, with quite a bit of fanfare, and was terrible - truly the worst thing you can imagine on stage. Since then she's pushed her public profile relentlessly as a commentator, critic, cynic and all-round radio fill in. Now she has a regular comment piece on radio 4, and I swear - she is Anne Atkins, I have never seen them both in the same room. I probably have a blind spot where she is concerned, I seem to have a lot of those - another is Lily Allen, who will be on the Desert Island Disc show later - I'm determined to go out for the duration - listening would drive me into a rage.

Talking music, I watched a bit of Glastonbury last night - Kelis (the one with the milkshake) defied expectation and sounded like something from late 60's/early 70's California - and was actually quite good. Anna Calvi was great, despite only a tiny crowd - and John Grand was magnificent. I didn't bother with Metallica, they are a bunch of semi-fascist nut-jobs with offensive leisure habits and so cliched and such a parody of themselves that it's no different from watching an Abba Tribute band. The coverage through the day was blighted by repeated buffering and truly dreadful presenters who had no idea who they were broadcasting to.

It's very hot - first day of the cherry harvest - I'm looking forward to it this year, looks like a record breaker - although about 70% of the fruit is hanging over my neighbours garden and I told them to help themselves.

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