Saturday, 28 June 2014


Up early. Already had a conversation online with someone angry that a load of their work keeps bouncing around the internet uncredited - didn't have the heart to tell them that the same thing has happened to me this week.

Yesterday was supposed to be 10 hours of rain, I dressed accordingly - it was blinding sunshine all day. Ate my lunch on the beach and nearly fell asleep in the heat. Later today It's the fundraiser for fire victims - starts at about 5pm with a parade (Hastings LOVES parades) and then a big musical event with about 30 acts in this place. I also have most of the text in for the charity auction posters (It's next week ) so I can crack on with that.

Had some very good feedback for a project I'm doing for am academic body - apparently even the printer loved it.

Have an appointment in London on Tuesday with a 'potentially significant' new client - I'll probably fuck it up - their Linkedin page reads like Tom Fords'. I'm already intimidated. I'm going to try and break in a new pair of shoes in anticipation. I don't think I've ever been to Maida Vale before.

I spent part of yesterday trying really hard to avoid someone I absolutely despise - first time we've been in the same room in about a year and I'd forgotten how angry they made me, it's been quite some time I've felt that rage bubbling up inside me and I'm much the better for not having to deal with it.

I had to grit my teeth this week in conversation with someone who was moaning about money - oblivious to the fact that she has a decent salary, owns a house outright (divorce 'gift') that she rents out and earns enough money on to fully pay the mortgage on her current home - and has two adult children living at home who pay her housekeeping. I know quite a few people like that who just don't seem to have any real grasp on reality.

Last night I went to an end of year art show - one of the rooms has a selection of quite good Level 3 art (16/17 year olds ) - well presented and well finished - I'd only poked my head around the door when a young man almost shouted at me - 'can I show my work to you please' - there were two students in the room, both clearly quite far into the autistic spectrum, and both well prepared for the trauma of talking to strangers about quite personal work - they were both utterly charming, passionate and a complete joy to talk to - alas, most people would have found them intimidating - but they were lovely. I have such great fears for them once they leave the safe place of art school.

As I didn't clean the house last weekend - it's now knee deep in dog hair - great swathes of it - rolling around the corners of the room like tumbleweed and billowing in waves. Talking hair - someone found a photograph of me from when I was 28, my face is obscured by a chair - but you can see my full head of hair - it was taken at just the point when I started to lose it all. How depressing.

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Try and stroll down to Paddington Basin if it's sunny!

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