Sunday, 25 May 2014


Large fire in Hastings Old Town last night, several buildings destroyed - hopefully nobody hurt. Area along the seafront cordoned off.

Went into town yesterday to pick up the memory stick I'd left behind so I could get on with some work, saw a few people I knew - and was a bit unnerved by the number of trendy weekenders and DFL's (Down from London). Many of them were well dressed trendy days with ironic beards and impossibly over-styled children. Saw on father and son with matching vintage style Baker boy hats. Friend who works in a tattoo parlour reported seeing another small child in a yellow sou'wester and hat, in the baking sun.

Took the dogs out into the country park earlier today. Walking along the lane (which is not traffic free) - three middle aged women with a black Labrador came towards us, "Oh look, Ferdie - you behave now" said one - which was, of course, carte blanche for the Labrador to make a run and attack both of mine, who were on lead - of course, and very distressed. The three women had absolutely no control over the dog whatsoever - and are probably in a tea shop now complaining about the nasty man who shouted at 'poor Ferdie'. Next time I'll kick it over the hedge.

I was really tired yesterday, didn't get much done - need to catch up today. Watched a really interesting documentary about controlled calorie intake and fasting - and the general long term health benefits of basically - eating less - and more fruit and vegetables. Not exactly rocket science.

I watched 'Have I Got News For You' last night - first time in years. Kirsty Whatsername looked absurd, her face was so paralysed by botox and fillers it looked like a marble with features drawn on, Heslop and Merton still there, making sly, self important little digs and spending a lot of time mocking Ed Milliband's physical appearance, just as they with Gordon Brown, really depressing and not at all funny.

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