Sunday, 11 May 2014


Last night, I did something I've not done since I was a teenager. I watched Eurovision. It wasn't as bad as I expected - most of it was quite bland - but I thought it was OK. I liked the self mocking humour of the hosts, they were very good - some of the songs were actually OK, the runners up - Netherlands, were brilliant, lovely Alt-Country number, astonishingly pretty girl and a simple song that reminded me a lot of Reece Witherspoon in 'Walk The Line'. It was a given that the winner would be Austria - right from the start. The biggest irritation was Graham Norton, not quite as clever or funny as he wants us to believe - rather sneering and bitchy with neither the wit nor intelligence to make it work. The British song was rubbish, and she looked a fright. It was weird seeing all the little intro films, during the day - everyone looked young and attractive, on stage they all looked old, heavy and hard.

I seem to have picked up a bit of local design work, more about that at a later date - but have a meeting on Monday with some new people, could be a really great project - probably no money in it.

Last night I gave the dogs ham bones, as a result they were quiet and content during the day - they over active at night. I had to rescue the small dog, she managed get trapped in the toilet - I have no idea why or how, head some noise upstairs and the sound of the lid banging down on top of her. After that - the first thing she did was wee in the dining room - first time in ages - I chastised her - she knew it was wrong and went sulking off, and then proceeded to we in the same spot 3 more times during the night. I despair.

I need to go out later - possibly to Eastbourne, not sure - I suppose I need a bit of time out. I was really tired yesterday, I've come to realise that I need at least one day off every week - preferably two.

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Steerforth said...

I also watched it for the first time in years. I loved the Netherlands entry - the girl was stunning and beautifully dressed. I also enjoyed the absurdities of the French, Icelandic and Polish entrants. The organisers need to get away from the idea that a lone singer is too dull for an audience to cope with unless they're accompanied by a circus performer.

I don't know why the ugly Armenian bloke was seen as a front-runner.

I felt sorry for the Russian girls. I hope that they understood that the booing was just for their bellicose, homophobic president.

During the voting section, the various peroxide blondes around Europe should have been told to stop wasting time with their "Thenks forr a reeely grade eev'ning" platitudes and just give us the votes. I loved the fact that the French woman refused to speak in English. How French.

If I had any say in the matter, I'd reintroduce the law that made people sing in their own language, deduct points for songs that sound like Ibiza club anthems and ban countries from awarding 12 points to their neighbours.

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