Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday PM.

I must be getting old, or am very out of condition - I only really start waking up now at about 8pm on a Sunday, so much for a weekend. We need more bank holidays.

I've committed myself to a 'posh' jumble sale at the end of the month, I have crates of stuff to get rid of. I want to clear even more of the loft so I can build a study up there.

Something I did in photoshop as a joke and put up on Facebook has been re posted repeatedly by other people, as if they did it themselves. I think that's quite funny.

My local MP has been trying to take credit for something that has not happened, and probably never will ( high speed trains to Hastings from London) - she has put out a call for entries to create a snappy, exciting strapline for her campaign. The winner gets to take tea with her at the houses of parliament - possibly. I have contacted her to say that I actually do that for a living, something increasingly difficult, thanks to her governments policies, and I won't be wasting my time doing it for free.

I had an odd experience today. I went out for a couple of hours with a friend, this is the 2nd time this month. In truth - I have a feeling we were on a date - sort of, or at least a dry run in anticipation of a date. It wasn't working. I'm not very good in situations like that anyway - even when I want to be there. I find myself overcompensating and trying too hard to be liked. My responses to situations like that are fairly incompetent at the best of times, and even now at my age - I get pulled back to the deep south edge of the spectrum and just talk rubbish and am unintentionally rude. In fact - I had the very real sense of watching myself from a distance and thinking 'what are you talking about, you're out of your depth here'

I had a brief conversation today with someone I've known on nodding terms for some time. I had no idea that she has a stammer. I worked with someone once who was probably the most over qualified woman in British Industry - aside from having several degrees, she is a qualified naval architect, but a speech impediment has kept her in unsatisfactory jobs all her life. I work in the business of communication, and I understand how important it is, but I also understand how subtle it is too - I've never understood why people have problems with stammers and the like - it's such a small part of how we communicate.

Another one of my neighbours has put up a UKIP poster.

Lets just get this out of the way. *deep breath*

UKIP are a nasty, racist, homophobic cabal of little England bigots, people vote for them either because they are too stupid and blinkered to realise the truth, or too cowardly to admit what they really are, and what their true intentions are - pretending it's a 'protest' vote. The comedian Stewart Lee described this kind of protest as 'shitting in the bed of a hotel because you don't like the service and then realising you still have to spend the night there'. I think that's fair. If you want to make a protest vote - try voting for something that might actually be nice, or fun - like the Greens or the Monster Raving Loony party - not the fucking SS. Of course - I'm prejudiced. I'm gay, I'm the son of an economic immigrant, and if we leave Europe - I fully expect my business to collapse.

I'm glad we've got that out of the way.

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Anonymous said...

Last paragraph - thanks. About time it was said. Or, if it's already been said and passed me by, then let's hear it again. And again.
Best wishes.

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