Saturday, 17 May 2014


Going to spend the first half of the day gardening - and then going to work until late - when it gets to hot. I'm not keen on the heat, but yesterday really was a lovely day and it does cheer everyone up.

Quite a bit of work on until the end of this month - picked up some retail design that needs finishing by the first week of June - and another project to finish by the end of next week.

I'm participating in a 'posh' jumble sale at the end of the month - clearing massive amounts of strange stuff from the loft that's been crated away for years - some things are quite valuable, I've been posting on Facebook and have already sold quite a few things to friends.

The BBC have changed their iplayer format, it's clearly designed for, and tested by, people who think it's very clever - but without any reference to anyone who has to use it - I'm finding it impossible to use.

Despite everything - the good weather has me in a very cheerful state of mind, I clearly didn't win the Euro lottery last night - but I'm being very stoic about it.

Lulu is on the radio. I can't stand Lulu.

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