Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday PM

A couple of hours scrubbing up weeds in the direct sunlight and I had to lie down for 2 hours. I like the warm weather, I hate the heat - it really doesn't agree with me. There is still so much stuff in the garden I'm going to need another skip. Wood, rubble, old tree branches and unwanted soil.

I read the UKIP statement in response to the Farage 'car-crash' interview. Take out the work Romanian, substitute it for 'Jew' - and it's a much truer reading of what they are about.

It's getting almost impossible to use the internet because of all the advertising online now.


Anonymous said...

Very handsome garden ornament on your fence there ... looks so life-like.

Anne in Cambridge about to polish her specs

Sarie said...

It must be Alfie greyhound!

Sarie said...
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