Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rumble in the Jumble

Today was the Grand Old Town posh jumble sale - I managed to shift several crates of unwanted tat and came away with over £300. I even sold something I found in a skip for £50. Additionally, my 2 crates of total shite that I donated to the charity fund netted another £40, the money will be going to the fund for the 35 people who lost their homes last week in the fire on the seafront that gutted six houses, destroyed several businesses and caused chaos - but hardly troubled the national press except for the very sad story of the woman who had to jump from a 2nd floor window and was very seriously injured. I'm not great with people but it was an OK experience, people are remarkably difficult to deal with, and I have to say, ladies - if you want to be treated equally - then don't waste my time trying to get a reduction by flirting - it's doesn't work with me - and no point sulking afterwards. A few things didn't sell - they were the things worth far more that I was asking and was more than happy to bring home. One chap bought stuff from me - and had already re-sold it by the time he'd left the hall - in some cases for a loss. I also managed to get a lift to take a few bits of furniture to the studio - my loft looks much better. I managed to sell stuff that had been in crates for 10-15 years, and a couple of things I've had since I was a child, and was desperate to get rid of as I felt burdened by. A winner all round.

The chap who sits next to me at work and his girlfriend got married in secret today - announcing it on facebook after the ceremony, I like that. No fuss, no bother.

I have just tried to remove a very small splinter from my right hand, using my left hand, a needle, and without using my glasses. Now there is blood everywhere and I look like I've been attacked by a wild animal.

My head cold is finally on the way out - it descended from my head to all my joins. I'm now several days behind, am going to work tonight and spend Sunday in the studio - presenting work in Brighton on Monday I have barely started.

Someone gave me a 'madelaine' cake today, home made - I ate it diligently - it tasted strongly of beef.

They are filming a new version of 'Mapp and Luchia' up he road from me in Rye - the original version is peerless, so I'm very unsure - particularly as Mark Gatiss is playing a lead character, and I can't abide him. They are looking for extras to appear in background shots, perhaps not.

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