Saturday, 24 May 2014

"A certain kind of woman'

I loathe the Daily Mail - it's near the top of a long list of things I hate, but to my surprise, they have been running a series of articles about the former wife of someone I used to work for, and they are full to the brim with actual, real truth. Working 'for' Alisa Green was torture, read this and come to your own conclusions. My experiences with this 'terrifying' woman contributed to me giving up my 'glittering' career at the top of the design tree, and escaping to the refuge of the south coast - where I could surround myself with real people, and not the vain, self absorbed, selfish, cruel super-rich. Money turns people into monsters, some already were.

Anyway - I forgot it was bank holiday this weekend - I assumed it was next weekend - so I'm booked to work. As it's pissing down, I don't really mind. I may need to go into work anyway, I brought everything home with me - except the memory stick with all the live files - stupid.

Glasgow School Of Art is the only building I have ever been on an 'homage' to - a 5 hour journey there and back, a half hour tour. Wonderful, beautiful , inspiring building. Seeing it burn was heart breaking - but I believe that the damage is not so bad as feared.

Worked really hard yesterday -a couple of new people are coming into the studio and a couple are leaving - so it's all change over the next few weeks.

I really don't know what to say about the local elections - depressing isn't the word. Whatever anyone tries to say - it was all about immigration - a single issue clown party who feed off the stupid fears of Daily Mail readers.

Next Saturday I am participating in a big Jumble Sale - have loads of stuff to clear - really looking forward to it.

The weird blip in numbers on this site continues - on Thursday - an extra thousand people hit this site for no reason whatsovever - I'm assuming it's a robot server looking for weaknesses or trying to find my log-in, this blog is tied to an old hotmail account which isn't used for anything else - so I'm not really worried about it.

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