Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday PM

A dull day - which suits me. Did some work and a lot of washing, the latter would be more efficient if I could get round to reading the instructions for the machine. It's all a bit random.

I'm pretty sure that everything I have left in the bank has been eaten up by small random direct debits. I really, really preferred it when I was on PAYG... might have a look at buying myself out of my contract when I get the chance. Judging by social media, it would seem that everyone I know has been out on the piss all weekend.

I've been torturing myself by looking at houses - I want this one - I can almost afford it, in certain  convoluted circumstances - if I could sell this one for what I paid for it.

I've been watching shit films all day, including something called 'Cockneys V's zombies... which wasn't that bad - should have come with a cliche warning, but otherwise acceptable fun.

I really need to cheer up a bit tomorrow - quite a bit to do and being on the house on my own is actually quite depressing. The B&Q closes at the end of the week - annoyed that I won't have any cash to pick up stuff in the sale - never mind...

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