Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday A.M.

Today - I have arranged for a skip to arrive at 7.30 - I have exactly 30 mins to fill it before it's taken away, thereby saving me £80 for the street licence. At 4.30pm I have a company coming round to talk about repairing the storm damage  I'll be doing everything in my power to get the price down - and yesterday I managed to get £25 for the leaking copper tank from my loft. I also wrote a very long and detailed report for the insurance company who are not paying out on my claim. No response from them so far. Online it just says my claim is 'in progress'.

I have a meeting on Friday in London, I'd been recommended for a piece of work - about 10 days, nothing I've never done before and well within my abilities - it's already looking like a structured job interview with  other candidates and I don't like the tone of the correspondence - I have a feeling I've been dragged into that 'professional candidate' role again - not happy about that.

Quite a lot of work to do today - so staying at home, in between skip filling and begging the roofers for a good deal - I'll have my head down.

This is a bit scary - if you have ever seen 'The Walking Dead' - it's my preferred scenario as to how the whole think kicked off (only slightly tongue in cheek). I'm not really a paranoid conspiracy theorist - I leave that to other people. One of the best known designers in the UK who runs multiple creative resources blogs and websites - also has a line in 'discovering the mark of the beast hidden in media and music' - he's convinced that everyone in Hollywood is a satanist and 'Dr Dre Beats' is actually a vehicle for the devil - masking the numbers 666 in the logo. As you do. Nobody says anything. It's nice to have a hobby.

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Nobody's Business said...

Insurance companies not paying out sounds like normal practice. "Deny everyone at first and even if only 5% don't pursue their claim then it's worth it for us and our shareholders."

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