Thursday, 6 March 2014


I'm working in London tomorrow - thanks to the hangover of the landslips and floods - it takes 2.5 hours each way. I'm also working in Brighton every day for the next 2 weeks - so today I spent time downloading loads of audiobooks for my ipod. Tomorrow, I should have exactly the right amount of time to listen to an unabridged reading of 'I am Legend'.

]I found out by accident earlier this week that my bank lied to me in in 1996, and continued that lie regularly until July 2007. I paid insurance on mortgages and credit cards because I was specifically told it was a requirement of being self employed - this turns out to have been totally illegal. Sometimes you pick up the oddest things in The Financial Times. A brief conversation with the bank on the phone confirmed it, and I have some paperwork to fill in. What rankles, and it's one of those hidden little bits of grief - I only sold my house in Brighton because I just couldn't keep killing myself to pay the mortgage - after spending thousands on a new roof, contributing to my mothers costs (such as the mortgage she never paid) and the cost of commuting, I was running on empty - that little bit of extra money every month could have made all the difference - I sold that house for £170k, it's now worth £450k. If things had been easier - I would not have sold it. Going to see what kind of response I get through their complaints department.

I've pulled my back out - somehow - it really hurts - 5 hours on the train tomorrow isn't going to help.

The weather has improved, it's been almost warm and sunny - with more real daylight - bliss, it's been a long time coming, things are starting to turn green and come back to life, including myself.

Feeling really tired today - probably not eating properly.

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